Announces PlayStation 4 Still Selling Like Cheese Bread


Sony announced its financial position in the last quarter at an event today. The most striking thing in Sony’s statements was the sales figures of PlayStation 4. According to the statements, Sony has sold approximately 2 million PlayStation 4s in the past few months.

Japan-based technology giant Sony announced its financial situation for the last quarter at an event today. The thing that attracted the most attention in the statements made by Sony were the statements made on PlayStation 4. Sony has announced that PlayStation 4 is still selling like cheese bread.

The tech giant announced in May that 7-year-old PlayStation 4 has sold 110.4 million so far. The latest announcements reveal that PlayStation 4 sales rose to 112.3 million. However, even this sales figure was not enough to bring PlayStation 4 to the top. Because no game console released so far has been able to reach PlayStation 2, which sells more than 155 million.

In other statements made by Sony, 74 percent of sales in the last quarter were mentioned on digital media. It was also stated in the last quarter that more than 45 million users subscribed to PlayStation Plus, a paid subscription system. These developments are a clear indication that the pandemic process leads people to video games.

Meanwhile, Sony will release the new game console PlayStation 5 at the end of the year. However, this does not seem to have dropped PlayStation 4 sales. It might even be regretting that Sony didn’t release the PlayStation 5 in 2019. Because a serious explosion must be experienced in PlayStation 5 sales. If the PlayStation 5 was launched a year ago, the pandemic process would have made Sony’s face pretty laugh.

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