Announces Levels That Will Take Bitcoin to $ 150,000


Veteran crypto strategist Tone Vays stated that the big Bitcoin (BTC) rally is not over yet and will probably continue.

In a new video, Vays explained why he believes the bullish rally that pushed Bitcoin above $ 12,000 resistance is not over yet:

“This is what the future heralds. We still have this triangle, and we can still go back to that triangle, but I think there’s still enough FOMO (fear of kidnapping) right now to get us into the $ 13,000 range. ”

As Bitcoin approaches the next resistance level of $ 14,000, the crypto analyst predicts that market participants will start making a profit. Vays uses the following statements on the subject:

“This breathing can be a horizontal consolidation, or this breathing can be a retracement to $ 12,000 or even $ 11,500.”

Monthly Outlook in BTC is Great

While Vays sees a correction on the horizon, he states that there is a long-term rise in the world’s leading cryptocurrency. Vays used the following statements:

“The monthly view will be great. We’ll close it as the second highest month ever, and if we can close at $ 14,000, we’ll have the highest chance of month closing ever. This will be the highest monthly closing ever, and it would be absolutely fantastic if something like this happened. ”

Vays also highlighted his current personal feelings about BTC, saying:

“I’m pretty good right now. I don’t know if this is stupid or not, but I’m fine. I haven’t had this rise since the beginning of 2017. ”

As for the long-term BTC forecast, the experienced trader believes Bitcoin is ready to start a major rally in the next six months:

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“Let’s be reasonable here. Let’s say we have a 300% move. This takes us to $ 50,000. ”

Bitcoin Could Reach $ 150,000

However, Vays believes that Bitcoin will undergo a massive devaluation after reaching as high as $ 50,000 before recovering to over $ 100,000:

“I can see a 50% crash that will take us about $ 20,000 to $ 25,000. Let’s say we’re going back to $ 20,000. That would be fast, then I can see a slow rally to $ 50,000. We’re going from this $ 50,000 area, or let’s go from that $ 40,000 area, from 300% to 400%. This is something that is realistic for me. This gets us from there for $ 150,000. How long will this take? It can happen just before the next halving. “


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