Announces Facebook feed and comment control


Facebook announced on Wednesday (31) two major changes to the feed, which will give users more control over their account. The first novelty is linked to the availability of posts on the home page, which can now be classified by the social network algorithm or in chronological order – a resource that comes and goes on the social network and whose return surprised many users.

The other change is the implementation of more control over comments, a measure that aims to promote the privacy and security of network users even in public posts. Check out more details about these changes below.

Facebook implements chronological feed

As already mentioned, users will be able to “customize” their feed, which previously followed the pattern dictated by the website’s algorithm. The new chronological feed option, however, is not that accessible.

To activate it, you need to click on “See more” in the main menu on the left (in the web version) or in the settings menu (in the application) and select “Latest”. The functionality will be available in the coming weeks for both Android and iOS devices.

Comment control

To allow users to have more control over who comments on their public posts, Facebook will make three modes available:

1.Comments open to anyone;
2.Comments allowed only for friends;
3.Comments open to people or pages cited in the post.

It will still be possible to even close the publication for any type of comment. To do so, just choose the modality mentioned in item 3 and bookmark a page on which only you control. Although the social network has already announced the feature, it has not been revealed when it will be officially implemented.

Other news on the blue website

New airs must have passed through the lands of Facebook. This is because, in addition to the resources mentioned above, the site has received a makeover in other areas. Taking advantage of the wave of changes, the social network launched the Favorites tab, to prioritize the posts of 30 friends and pages of interest in your feed. Now, it is also possible to understand why the algorithm shows you some publications with the “Why am I seeing this?” Tool.