Announcement that will upset Google Photos users


Google’s photo storage and management service One of the most important features of Google Photos is that it offers unlimited storage for each photo under the “High Quality” setting. For those who take tons of photos and don’t want to lose them when switching from device to device, or don’t want to have to delete them because the device’s storage space is full, this service is a great benefit. However, these beautiful days are coming to an end. Google has decided to remove the free and unlimited storage feature offered under Google Photos.

In the announcement published by Google today, as of June 1, 2021, photos uploaded under “High Quality” and “Express Quality” settings will also be deducted from Google Account storage. This means that for most users, new photo uploads will be deducted from the 15 GB space Google offers on all services, including Gmail.

Nobody will like this news. If your account reaches the storage limit next June, then you will not be able to upload new photos. Moreover, it will not only be Photos that will be affected here. Saving new files in Drive or receiving new messages in the Gmail inbox will also be affected.

If you reach the free storage limit offered by Google next June or later, you must either delete your old data or pay for more storage space. Google provides additional features such as more storage space and VPN under the Google One service. You can choose from options such as 100 GB, 200 GB and 2 TB.

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A new tool to manage storage space in Google Photos

Also, Google will add a new management tool to the Google Photos app with an update. Thanks to this, you will see how much storage space you have left. In addition, you will be provided with an estimate of how many years you can stay on the free plan before upgrading to a paid plan. You will also be offered advice on photos or memories you might want to erase.

Google is doing a treat for Pixel phone owners here. The photos of users who own one of the Pixel smartphones and upload their photos to Google Photos will not be affected. Photos and videos uploaded from those devices after June 1, 2021 will also remain outside the scope of these changes.

To summarize, the free and unlimited photo storage opportunity offered under Google Photos expires on June 1, 2021. Your existing photos and videos stored under “High Quality” and “Express Quality” settings will not be considered within the limit. However, photos uploaded by selecting these settings after June 1 will also be evaluated in storage space. For photos stored with “Original Quality”, the situation will continue as before. If you’re close to the Google Account storage limit, you might want to check out the paid storage options offered under Google One.


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