Announcement of PlayStation 5 will not hang to 2021


Sony Interactive Entertainment Manager Eric Lempel made an important statement about PlayStation 5. Clarifying the claims that the PlayStation 5 will be delayed so far, Lempel said that the launch will take place this year. Lempel’s claims also reveal some details from the launch event.

Japan-based technology giant Sony made a statement that will excite PlayStation 5 fans. Sony Interactive Entertainment executive Eric Lempel made a statement to GamesIndustry and mentioned an important detail about the upcoming console. The statements made by Lempel reveal that there is no delay in PlayStation 5, at least for now.

Eric Lempel made a statement about the PlayStation 5 and stated that the new game console will not be delayed. Saying that they will make the launch this year, the manager has eliminated the claims that the PlayStation 5 will be delayed. Lempel, not limiting his statements only to the launch, gave a happy good news to PlayStation 5 fans.

Lempel stated that there will be statements about the console’s games at the launch event of the PlayStation 5. Lempel’s statements are a clear indication that new games to be played on PlayStation 5 will also be introduced at this launch event. Lempel, who wants to clearly show how ambitious he is in his statements, states that the launch of the PS5 will be the best ever. Moreover, the games of both first and third-party developers will be introduced as part of the launch event.

The main reason for the allegations that PlayStation 5 would be delayed was the coronavirus pandemic. Because, due to the pandemic, the fact that all factories around the world almost stopped working, deeply affected all sectors, especially technology producers. As such, it was said that the PlayStation 5 could also be delayed. Lempel clarifies this situation as well.

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According to Lempel, the fact that the PlayStation 5 will not be delayed does not mean that there are no roughnesses on this road. In fact, according to Lempel, Sony has serious difficulties in everything related to PlayStation 5. Stating that all these affect every unit in the company deeply, Sony manager emphasizes that they are trying to overcome the difficulties together.

Looking at the statements made by Sony Interactive Entertainment Manager Eric Lempel, we can say that it is now almost certain that the PlayStation 5 will be released at the end of this year. However, there are still many things unknown about PlayStation 5. For example, we do not know how much this console will cost. In addition, when we will reach PlayStation 5 is a big secret for now.


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