Announcement came for Xiaomi sales figures


Xiaomi, one of the most used smartphones in the world, made a statement for the sales figures for the second quarter of 2020. According to the statement, despite the corona virus epidemic that affected the world, the company managed to increase its sales.

Along with this, the income that the company gained during this period also showed itself. According to the data, when the second quarter of 2020 and the second quarter of 2019 are compared, it is seen that there is an increase of 3.1 percent for 2020. In addition, there is an increase compared to the previous period.

Xiaomi second quarter 2020 sales figures

Xiaomi, one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world, shared information on sales figures. Looking at total values, the firm generated sales of $ 7.7 billion. When smart phones were examined, a considerable amount of income showed itself. Xiaomi experienced a 7.7 percent increase compared to the first quarter of 2020.

However, Xiaomi shared $ 650 million for sales for the second quarter of 2020. This means an annual increase of 129.8 percent in the calculation and a 108 percent increase in the calculation compared to the first quarter of 2020. It is stated that the sales of China and India are effective for this income of the company. In addition, the number of phone activations per day has increased by 120 percent compared to the pre-epidemic.

Europe lies behind the company’s growth. Because in the second quarter of 2020, Xiamoi’s European sales increased by 65 percent. Xiaomi ranked first in Spain, second in France and fourth in Germany in smartphone sales.

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The recent crisis in China and India has also manifested itself negatively. Although India has a share in the sales, the daily activation number of Xiaomi in the country has dropped by 28 percent.


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