Announced XPG PRIMER Mouse Produced for Gamers


XPG PRIMER, the new gaming mouse produced by Adata for gamers, has been announced. The price and release date of the mouse, which draws attention with its 12000 DPI sensor and PBT material, has not been announced yet. It was announced that XPG PRIMER has up to 20 million clicks life.

ADATA XPG, which produces mice for gamers who love to play games professionally, has announced its new gaming mouse PRIMER. The new gaming mouse with an optical resolution of 12000 DPI promises up to 20 million clicks thanks to the OMRON key switch used in production.

Increasing the sensitivity rate incredibly with 12000 DPI, XPG PRIMER also looks successful in terms of production material. The mouse, which is produced with double layer PBT material, offers an ergonomic design and more comfortable cleaning thanks to this production material.

With braided cable

One of the things that players pay attention to when buying a new mouse is the cable type. In games that require high precision, players who do not want to take advantage of the cable’s low ping levels and also experience cable-stuttering problems, usually turn to braided cables. XPG also preferred a braided cable system in order to both reduce weight and eliminate snagging problems in PRIMER gaming mice.

Players’ choice: RGB lighting

When players buy a new peripheral, they pay attention to their design as well as hardware features. Especially good quality RGB lighting makes us very happy. XPG also seems to meet the players’ wishes in PRIMER. The LED strips placed in the middle and sides of the mouse seem to add serious quality to the mouse.

Although the features of XPG PRIMER have been explained, no explanation has been made yet about its price and release date. We will try to keep you informed as new statements arrive.


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