Announced the launch of Elva, the EcoDragon


This 3D platform title is designed to make children aware of the importance of recycling and caring for the planet.

In a world increasingly damaged by human activity, becoming aware of and trying to reverse climate change is a necessity and a responsibility. Elva, the EcoDragon, a new title for Steam and Nintendo Switch, will try to instill these values ​​in children, all while having fun. In a press release they explained that it is a three-dimensional game in which the player will put themselves in the shoes of Elva, a little dragon who has a very important goal ahead of her: to clean the planet. And it is that this production seeks to educate children and adults about the delicate situation of our home.

Starting from this idea, the study has followed a philosophy that is based on “learning to save the world by playing”, so it is obviously a product highly focused on its educational value. All this, of course, covered with a playful component. The game has different scenarios, among which are the sea, land, snowy mountains and even space. “The challenges that Elva will have to overcome to clean the planet begin with cleaning the waste from the ground or the air”, challenges that little by little will become more complicated.

Now available on Steam for 12.99 euros

Beyond these challenges, the video game introduces other types of tasks, such as transporting different objects or observing how life is born in clean spaces. Thanks to the wings of the ecodragona, you will have the opportunity to travel to space to clean up space debris. One of the goals of the title is to capture the tree powerup, a tool that allows you to plant trees to get paper and make the characters happy, who will receive this object instead of polluting plastic bags.

Elva, the Ecodragon, is already available on Steam for 12.99 euros, although it will also be commercialized on Nintendo Switch later.


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