Announced the launch date of the R $ 200 bill


At the end of July, the Central Bank announced the new R $ 200 note, which will be the seventh among the official banknotes in circulation in Brazil.

Since then, still without an official release date, several pieces of information circulated on the web about the new banknote and, even, a false note of the new value was seen circulating in Rio de Janeiro.

Now, the Central Bank has finally put an end to the mystery and has announced the date on which the new banknote will be officially launched, at which time it will also enter into circulation in the country: September 2 – next Wednesday. The institution said it will launch at 1:30 pm Brasília time.

So far an official photo of the ballot has not yet been released, so there is no information on what the image on it will be. It is already known that the animal portrayed will be the maned wolf, but for security reasons – and, mainly, to avoid fraud like the one seen weeks ago – there is no detail of the photo used in the note.

The R $ 200 banknote joins the Real family 18 years after the R $ 20 banknote debuted in the country in 2002. Among the justifications for creating a banknote at a new value is the need to decrease the transactions made with cash and, consequently, lower the costs of printing banknotes.

Another explanation pointed out by the institution is the need to facilitate the withdrawal of emergency aid, since most beneficiaries choose to withdraw the benefit in kind.

Petition to change the image of the note

As soon as the information about the launch of the new real note was released, internet users created a petition that asks for the change of the animal printed on the new note. For some Brazilians, the country would be better represented by the image of the charismatic mongrel caramel on the banknotes.

Although the Central Bank has not changed its plans to stamp the maned wolf, with the repercussion of the petition, the institution’s administration has committed itself to adopt some measures to support the adoption of street animals, as well as to combat ill-treatment. to dogs that are in a vulnerable situation.

Officially stamped with the image of the maned wolf, the new R $ 200 bill begins to circulate this week and already has a printing order for 450 million banknotes made by the Central Bank.


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