Announced disruption for some Apple services


Information was shared on the company’s website for the Apple services that are used worldwide. Services that meet with users online work with problems in some countries and regions. Among the services with problems is the App Store.

Especially during the coronavirus epidemic, there were problems in some services in the increased internet usage. Online services, which became unresponsive as a result of excessive use, caused users to suffer and disruption of work.

Problem announcement for Apple services

One of the world’s leading online service providers, Apple App Store is having trouble for Apple Music, Apple TV, iTunes Store and Mac App Store. The information regarding the problem was included in the “Apple System Status” page on Apple’s own website.

It is stated that some users have problems using Apple services, and some do not. However, there is no information yet on which regions and countries the problems cover.

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When the page is examined, it is stated that the time information regarding the problems is 3.43 PM GMT. It was also noteworthy that the problems were experienced close to each other and at the same time. There is no information about when to fix the problems yet.

Update: Apple has renewed the aforementioned status page and working on services that indicate a problem has returned to normal.

apple servisleri


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