“I have to announce that …”: Demi Lovato is on lips


“I have to announce that …”: Demi Lovato is on lips because of the decision she made. Look! The singer’s life will take an unexpected turn.

This 2020 for Demi Lovato will be much better than other years, both personally and professionally. The singer closed a decade that had her on the verge of death, after suffering an overdose in July 2018, and had to spend some time in rehabilitation.

A few days ago, the composer was present in the media because she had a tattoo on her neck, referring to her battle against addictions. Demi is stronger and healthier than ever, proof of this will launch her new album and has already announced her spectacular return.


The brunette returned to the tracks, and also drove her fans crazy with unexpected news, in which she stunned her millions of followers on social networks.

Lovato returns to a stage, as she announced on her Instagram account that she will be in charge of singing the national anthem of the United States in the final of American football, the renowned “Super Bowl”, which will take place on 2 February 2020

To finish the spectacular show, Demi will give the finishing touch to the event. She will even share the stage with big stars like Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.


“I will sing the national anthem in the Super Bowl. See you in Miami!”, The artist said enthusiastically in a publication made on her social networks.


Former Disney star Chanel was happy to participate in the famous sporting event. And she promises that it will be a great professional year in her life. Genie, Demi!

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