Annie Francisco from 90 Day Fiance shared an emotional photo of her kissing her late son Adriel: “Half of my heart” is gone


In memory. Almost a week after it became known about the death of her 7-month-old son Adriel, Annie Francisco posted an emotional photo with the baby.

“Una mitad de mi corazón se fue contigo,” the 32—year-old graduate of 90 Day Fiancé signed a photo on Tuesday, April 27, in Instagram Story, which means: “Half of my heart went with you.”

In a social media upload, the former reality TV star took off her mask to kiss her little boy on the forehead. Adriel’s eyes were covered by an oxygen tube in his nose.

The former TLC personality shared the heartbreaking news with her Instagram followers on Thursday, April 21, writing: “Today is one of the worst days of my life, my son Adriel Spring has died. I am devastated and my family… life is so hard and difficult. I never thought I would lose my son. …My heart is broken, it’s a big pain… so hard.”

In his own post, Francisco’s husband, Robert Springs, wrote that he was “confused” by Adriel’s death.

“Words cannot convey how painful it is,” the 44—year-old New York native wrote. “My 7th child, born on the 7th day, left us after 7 months. Angel 777 is a really special number. This is a sign that the universe is with you and supports you on your spiritual path, especially when you may doubt your chosen path.”

He and a native of the Dominican Republic welcomed their baby boy in September 2021. “Great love and respect for my wife, who is a true warrior,” Springs wrote on Instagram Stories at the time. “She gave birth to our boy.”

The baby joined his older sister Brenda, who arrived in July 2020. Two months after his birth, Adriel was admitted to the hospital, and his parents asked him to “pray.”

Prior to marrying Francisco in September 2019 in Florida, Springs welcomed five children from a previous relationship. One of Springs’ children, son Bryson, lives with him and Francisco.

The couple’s colleagues in the film “90 Days of the groom” showed their support after the death of Adriel, from Lauren Brovarnik to Juliana Custodio.

“Our hearts are broken because of you! We can’t imagine what you’re going through, but as always, we’re here for you!” The 33-year-old Brovarnik wrote on Instagram last week, and the 23-year-old pregnant star added: “I can’t imagine the pain you’re going through, I still can’t believe it. I’m devastated, I’m always here for you, so I’m sorry.”