Annie Francisco and Robert Springs Family Album from 90 Day Fiance: Photos


90-day-old bride Annie Francisco and Robert Springs have been busy growing their family since they got married in September 2019 in Florida.

The couple announced in April 2020 that they were expecting their first child together. (The New York native has previously welcomed five children from a previous relationship, and his son Bryson lives with them.)

“I feel so happy and lucky to share the birth of my child— my gift from God,” the Dominican Republic native wrote on Instagram at the time. “The baby has not been born yet, and this is the most wonderful feeling I have ever experienced. It fills me with joy to know that I will have someone for whom I will fight and to whom I will give my best. I am waiting for him or her with great excitement.”

Brenda arrived three months later. “Welcome to the world, my princess, I am full of love and happiness from having you in my life,” the newly—made mother told her Instagram followers in July 2020. “My gift from God was born on July 28, 2020.”

The former reality TV star shared ultrasound photos in April 2021, announcing that Baby #2 is on the way.

“I am so happy to announce that we will soon have a healthy baby,” Francisco wrote at the time. “Our family is growing! I am so emotional and happy that I have children, my second blessing.”

Seven months after the arrival of Adriel’s son in September 2021, Francisco announced that her son and Springs’ son had died.

“Today is one of the worst days of my life,” she captioned photos of her late son on Instagram in April 2022. “I’m devastated and my family… life is so hard and difficult. I never thought I would lose my son. He was a fighter… his heart couldn’t stand it… my heart is broken, it’s a big pain… so hard.”

She then shared hospital photos, writing: “This was the last photo an hour before my son’s surgery, life is unfair, I just wanted to have my children.”

The couple received support from their fellow 90 Day Fiancé alumni. “Sometimes we don’t understand God’s decisions, but I know that he will comfort your heart,” Larissa Santos Lima commented on the upload on social networks, and Courtney Reardanz wrote: “I send love and strength to your family.”

Keep scrolling to see family photos of Francisco and Springs with Brenda, Adriel and his son Bryson over the years.

New mom

Francisco looked at her newborn daughter in an Instagram post from July 2020.

Beach kid

In October 2020, the new mom took Brenda to the beach.

Christmas cutie

The former TLC representatives celebrated the holidays in December 2020 with Bryson and Brenda.

Children back to back

Francisco hugged Brenda and Adriel in October 2021.

Lake of Love

In February 2022, a mother-daughter couple enjoyed a “good atmosphere” in Florida.

In memory

Francisco photographed Adriel in the hospital in April 2022.