Anne With An E: What we suspected about why Amybeth McNulty is leaving the series


With petitions, actions and even billboards booked, Anne With An E fans tried everything to draw more attention to the series, which was canceled by Netflix in late 2019. But a loyal fan base did not change the fate of the series. popular drama series, which was based on the cult novels by Canadian Lucy Maud Montgomery.

In January 2020, the third season of Anne With An E was released, which was also the series finale. Since then, there has been no evidence that there will be a fourth season, neither from Netflix nor from any other streaming service or broadcaster. Series creator/writer Moira Walley-Beckett hoped until the very end that Anne’s story would come to a proper conclusion with a subsequent feature film, but there has been no news of this in recent months either.

While there’s no indication that we’ll ever return to Green Gable, fans continue to keep their eyes wide open. How do they say? Hope is the last thing to be lost, but lead actress Amybeth McNulty seems to be breaking away from her alter ego, at least slowly. The 19-year-old recently surprised her followers with a visual makeover. Pale skin, freckles, blue eyes, and red hair: the trademark of Anne Shirley-Cuthbert, and thus also of Amybeth McNulty. But that’s history now.

More than a year ago, the cast and crew received the information that Anne With An E will not continue. Now the 19-year-old actress also seems to want to draw a line: the actress dyed her hair blonde.

“I was hoping it would be red again,” writes a disappointed fan on Instagram

Plenty of other fans seem to have thought that too. While Amybeth McNulty received a lot of praise for her new hair color, you can also find clown emojis from international fans who were hoping for a positive message from Anne With An E.

As if all this were not enough, the actress’s profile changed completely on social networks. In the era where social networks play an important role in the lives of fans, those who follow the actress for her breakout role as Anne With An E were met with some surprising changes. It is that Amybeth McNulty changed the temperature of her photos and many were surprised by the opposite that they could see with the real Anne (as can be seen in her latest Instagram post). Does Amybeth McNulty Subtly Say Goodbye to the Role?