Anne With An E: What We Suspect Why Netflix Doesn’t Want Another Season


Anne With an E is a successful Canadian series based on the novels by Lucy Maud Montgomery originally published in 1908, later adapted by Moira Walley-Beckett for CBC and starring Amybeth McNulty in the role of the orphan Anne Shirley, for later distribution. on Netflix internationally.

Likewise, the Canadian series Anne With an E had an overwhelming success on the streaming platform, causing that more than a year after its cancellation was announced, fans continue to wonder why Netflix has decided to end the series just after its third. season. After Anne With An E launched its third installment on Canadian television, its streaming on Netflix came with a punch: Season three would be its last. Fans have not taken it lightly, even going as far as paying for billboards to promote the series themselves and hoping for a surprise pickup.

However, the story of Anne Shirley greatly conquered the followers of Anne With an E thanks to the strength and the motivating message that she taught about how to overcome adversity to help others and in the same way defend the innocent by never leaving aside freedom of expression. Let’s not forget that history has as its backdrop a time marked by racism, machismo and false appearances, to keep a society captive and prey to misinformation where what is different is simply not accepted.

In turn, Anne Shirley’s charismatic personality was seriously challenged when, after going through adolescence, she had to admit defeat and accept her true feelings towards her childhood friend Gilbert Blythe (Lucas Jade Zumann) just after advising him to marry other.

Unfortunately, the Anne With an E series ended just as the love story between Anne and Gilbert was just beginning with them admitting their feelings for each other, separating again taking different paths to both pursue their professional ambitions. This left fans of Anne With an E wanting more, however, since it was a story that spoke specifically of growth and coming of age, Netflix decided to end it to give it the childish seal it deserved in order to continue honoring the origin novels by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

However, it is not a secret that Netflix left loose ends in Anne With an E such as what happened to Anne’s indigenous friend, Ka’kwet and if her parents managed to rescue her after her kidnapping. In addition to better developing the cause of death of Bash’s (Dalmar Abuzeid) wife, Mary (Katelyn Wells).