Anne With An E: This is what has to happen for them to announce the fourth season


Since the last broadcast of Anne With An E on March 19, 2017, subscribers to the Netflix platform were furious to learn that the youth drama had been canceled. Since then, there is still hope that this beloved story will return once again.

Although this series became one of the most beloved in history, the truth is that, at the moment there is no news or indications of the preparation of the fourth season of Anne With An E. Although it is well known that fans are eager to see the continuation of the fourth installment, you really have to wait only one thing for that wish to come true.

Let us remember that the rights to Anne With An E are not only held by the Netflix platform, but also authorized by the Canadian television network CBC. It was in October 2019 when the executive Catherine Tait revealed that they would no longer be working with the co-productions of the streaming platform.

Until now it is known that in reality what led to the unexpected end of the season were the audience figures. Apparently, Netflix was generating a higher profit, and therefore a higher number of views, which hurt the Canadian channel CBC.

Therefore, CBC decided to protect its content with an Anne With An E cancellation agreement, in this way, neither of the two platforms would win or lose. In the last episodes of this drama, the romance between Anne (Amybeth McNulty) and Gilbert (Lucas Jade Zumann) could finally be appreciated, although it was also known that they would maintain a distance relationship because of each one’s studies.

This series is the adaptation of the Canadian Lucy Maud Montgomery’s literary work, which bears the name of “Anne of Green Gables”. According to the books, the continuation would be Anne having adventures in college with her friends, however, her bond with Gilbert will no longer be the same as always.

CBC and Netflix reached an agreement to definitively cancel the fiction, but to see it again on the screens, one of the platforms would have to buy the rights. The most viable option would be for Netflix to be the sole owner, but unfortunately almost three years have passed and nothing else has happened. Another thing that could happen to see Anne With An E again is that another platform buys the rights. It only remains to keep waiting a little longer to see if one day this beautiful story will be continued.