Anne With An E: The drama could return with a movie after its cancellation on Netflix


On March 19, 2017, Anne With An E premiered for the first time, the iconic Netflix and CBC series that tells the story of an orphan girl with an important imagination. This little girl is trying to fit into a very problematic society, well, let’s remember that her story is based on the 1890s, so Anne (Amybeth McNulty) fights every day to defend her rights at a very early age. age.

Thanks to its plot, the series managed to cross borders, and even, on the Netflix platform, it was positioned as one of the most valued and viewed. Precisely since it began to debut on said platform, the fame of this program began to rise rapidly. Many describe it as an excellent family series, since it deals with current and important issues such as child exploitation, discrimination, bullying and religion.

Although the fury of Anne With An E seemed to be unstoppable thanks to its large international audience, unfortunately the production decided to cancel the project, causing great outrage among all its fans, both Netflix and CBC. On November 24, 2019 it was his last episode, this was caused by a disagreement between both productions mentioned.

All the problems started because most of the fans of Anne With An E came from Netflix, instead of being from the CBC television channel, which was the one that originally started this project. Although this series belonged to these two companies, different disagreements forced it to be cancelled. Even the president of the CBC at the time, Catherine Tait, was also forced to give her public statements:

“Several countries have made deals, like we did, with Netflix and over time we start to see that we are fueling the growth of the platforms, rather than fueling our own domestic business.”

Walley-Beckett, creator of Anne With An E wants to give the series a worthy ending

Despite the disagreements between the two productions, the creator of this fiction has a great desire to be able to continue with the story of Anne With An E, just like the cast members who brought the characters to life.

As we will remember, in the last episode of the third season of Anne With An E, the main character of Amybeth McNulty entered a new path in her life. So, obviously, viewers were more eager to continue the story.

It was on this occasion that the creator Walley-Beckett declared again that she is interested in making a film to give Anne With An E at least a decent ending.