Anne With An E Season 4: The painful story that fans want to know how it ends


Based on the books Anne Of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne With An E is one of the most popular series on Netflix. Unfortunately, the show was canceled after three seasons, but it is sorely missed by fans. Fans of the popular series still haven’t given up hope of seeing a fourth season, mainly because it left some of its most important narrative arcs unfinished, one of them being the sad story of Ka’Kwet.

Anne With An E is unique in its sense of optimism, even if it’s much grittier than the original story. It is also unique in its exploration of lesser-known aspects of Canadian history, introducing characters and stories not included in the books. Still, it’s not the only empowering female-led period drama that’s suitable for all ages.

As you may recall, Anne with an E (initially titled Anne in the first season) is the adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s famous 1908 children’s literature classic Anne of Green Gables. One of the most endearing characters in the series, is the friend of Anne (Amybeth McNulty), a teenager named Ka’Kwet played by Kiawenti:io Tarbell who in the story is a member of one of the original peoples of Canada named Mi’ kmaq and in real life is an actress of Mohawk origin from Akwesasne.

The Mi’kmaq belong to the First Nations tribes of North America whose original territory fell under the jurisdiction of Canada. In the plot, the two young girls meet when they approach a group of Mi’kmaq in the vicinity of the Green Gables farm, on the outskirts of the town of Avonlea.

In Anne With An E,┬áKa’kwet’s father makes sticks similar to those used in hockey by hand and sells some of them to Anne’s young teammates, involved in a game. The young Ka’Kwet who speaks English manages to connect with Anne creating a friendship. Ka’Kwet is keen to attend school to learn about the culture of the people who live in Avonlea. Anne encourages her to do so as well, even though her new friend’s parents disagree.

Unfortunately, the schools that members of original tribes like the Mi’kmaq had to go to were remote and remote places, controlled by religious fanatics, nuns and priests. What seemed like a dream turned into a terrible nightmare when Ka’kwet begins to suffer constant physical abuse and humiliation. In the third season of Anne With An E, viewers were left in suspense waiting to know what the future would be for Ka’kwet, who was still trapped in the residential school for indigenous children, while her parents camped outside the place hoping to be able to retrieve it. A fourth season is needed to bring closure to her story.