Anne With An E: How Anne’s life came about after the series was canceled


Anne With An E is a successful series that conquered Netflix with the story of the charming red-haired orphan and her adventures in Avonlea. Despite the best efforts of fans, Anne With An E season 4 is not happening anytime soon. There were petitions, campaigns and even big stars joining the good fight on social media, but to no avail. In 2019, the Netflix original series Anne With An E was officially canceled after season 3.

But even though Anne’s story is interrupted in the Netflix series, fans can learn how she continues her life based on the adaptation of Anne of Green Gables. As we saw in the story, it all ends when the young woman, who is now a teenager, enters Queens University and discovers part of the truth about who her parents are. On her part, Gilbert, her romantic interest, seals her love with a tender kiss, but it seems that they will maintain a long-distance relationship.

he story is based on the youth classic, the books by Canadian writer Lucy Maud Montgomery. These classics of Canadian children’s literature tell the twelve-book story of Anne Shirley, a charming thirteen-year-old red-haired girl who lived in the early 20th century on Prince Edward Island, off Newfoundland, in southeastern Canada.

In the book “Anne of Green Gables”, five summers have passed since the passionate and talkative Anne Shirley arrived in Avonlea. At sixteen and a half years old, Ana has grown up and become a teacher. And, although she keeps getting into the usual trouble, the redhead has new concerns, like gaining the trust of her students and making her dream of going to college come true.

The book is ideal for fans of the series who were left wanting more after the third season of Netflix’s Anne With An E. For those who are not familiar with the series, the story is overflowing with tenderness and tells of the adventures of a rambunctious and sweet red-haired heroine, Anne, an orphan girl, at the end of the 19th century.

It is a classic of children’s literature and the story has an autobiographical tone, since Lucy Maud Montgomery, like Anne Shirley, was also orphaned as a child: her mother died and she was abandoned by her father. While it seems like a consolation for fans who are still fighting for the renewal, it is a good alternative for those who love the story of young Anne.