Annabelle escapes the Warren museum


Annabelle’s doll has been the protagonist of horror stories but seems to have disappeared. The Warren Museum of Occultism located in Connecticut, United States, is the site that houses some of the objects that the couple collected through the different research processes they carried out together. Because of this, it is a mysterious site with dangerous energy protected.

However, it was recently announced on social media that Annabelle, one of the museum’s most dangerous items, had disappeared and the rumor began to gain popularity. The rag doll that was depicted in the movie The Conjuring is part of a terrifying story that occurred in real life, which has raised some fears for the alleged disappearance.

Annabelle’s disappearance occurred at a particular time due to the difficulties that the world has faced throughout the months of 2020. With one event after another that has transformed people’s daily lives, the question of ‘what else could happen now? ‘has become a question that sometimes already seems funny.

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