Anna Torv Will Play Tess On HBO’s The Last of Us Series


Anna Torv: The adaptation of The Last of Us for a live action series on HBO revealed today, July 22, that Anna Torv has been cast to play the character Tess. The actress is known for her roles on Netflix’s Mindhunter series and on Fringe before that.

Tess is a friend and partner of Joel who does some work with him to survive the beginning of the original game. Her participation in the game is one of the most important, because she is the one who accepts the mission to protect Ellie on a journey across the country.

The revelation of Anna Torv as a performer of Tess seems to have been well received by fans of The Last of Us, who see a similarity in appearance between the actress and the fictional character.

But it’s also interesting to point out that this isn’t the first time Torv has been involved in a video game project. In 2014, the actress lent her voice to Nariko, protagonist of Heavenly Sword. She was even nominated for a BTVA Award for her role, an honor especially dedicated to acting in voice acting.

Anna Torv joins the cast consisting of Pedro Pascal as Joel, Bell Ramsey as Ellie, Nico Parker as Sarah, Gabriel Luna as Tommy and Merle Dandrige as Marlene.

HBO has yet to release a set release date for its adaptation of The Last of Us, but the information we have so far is that the series is unlikely to begin shipping until 2022.


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