Anna-Sofia Robb says former “Carrie Diaries” actor Costar Austin Butler was “perfect” in “Elvis”: He’s a “dedicated” actor


Sings his praises. Anna-Sofia Robb is “delighted” with the success of former colleague in the film “Carrie Diaries” Austin Butler after the release of a biopic about Elvis.

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“I’m so proud of him. I’m just in awe of him,” the 28—year-old actress told Us Weekly on Thursday, August 11, at the 2nd annual Fleuriste St-Germain show in collaboration with Jamil Mohammed and Zoe Bradley. “He is such a dedicated, purposeful actor and a kind person. So [he deserves] all the credit.”

Robb, who co-starred with 30-year-old Butler on the CW series from 2013 to 2014, added that she’s not surprised to see so many people fall in love with him. “You know, when we met during the Carrie Diaries, everyone knew he was going to be a movie star,” the Death Doctor star said. “You don’t have that face and you’re not a movie star. But he also has the intelligence, dedication and kindness to really [shine].”

She continued, “He’s perfect for [the role of Elvis], but he’s perfect not just because he looks [like him], he embodied it. I mean, he spent two years of his life studying this man and digging into his bones.”

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While Butler may have been her on-screen love interest, Robb is preparing to tie the knot with her real-life leading man, Trevor Paul. “He is very kind. He’s a really wonderful person,” she said of her fiance, who asked this question in September 2021. “I am very happy [to marry him]. …I finished the movie, so I was working, and now we’re planning a wedding, and… I feel good.”

“I think most of all I’m just excited that everything is in one place. Basically it’s like… it’s great to have all the people you love,” Robb continued. “It’s a unique experience, so I think it’s a great honor for me to have a reason to bring everyone together.”

The “Bridge to Terabithia” star revealed that she and Paul were planning a “medium-sized” wedding so their families could get together and celebrate for the first time. “I really wanted to do something where all our families could get together, just fantasize and have a great time,” Robb said. “I think weddings are a really good way — you’re dealing with an insane amount of decisions and a lot of different personalities, so it’s kind of a great litmus test. There are many different decisions that you have to make with your partner.”

One decision that came easy to the Colorado native was the decision to team up with Saint Germain for a signature cocktail on the big day. “Actually St-Germain was the first cocktail I’ve ever had in a bar,” she told Us at a pop-up in New York. “We had a friend who had a bar and he did, it was a St-Germain Spritz, so it was champagne, St-Germain liqueur and some lemon, and I remember… it was the first adult cocktail I tried and I’ve always loved it.”

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However, as for her usual wedding drink, Robb joked, “We haven’t had it yet, so it’s in development. As soon as I come up with that [name], I’ll let you know.”

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