Anna Nystrom records everything of her on video


Anna Nystrom records everything of her on video and so on! It does not leave indifferent.

Sweden also has a fantastic representative in Anna Nystrom. For those who do not know it, it is a model of physical conditioning that began publishing situations of their daily lives and some exercises, but seeing that they did not stop getting good comments and attentive followers to their content, they decided to devote themselves fully to social networks .

It has refined physical characteristics and is genuine before its audience. In an epic video, she showed everything in front of the mirror, we hope you understand what we mean, in case you haven’t got it, it’s time to reproduce.

In the video, the mirror reflected Anna as a whole diva, since the short leather dress she preferred for the occasion enhanced her body. In addition, the neckline allowed to appreciate in detail its portentous front.

Still in January, premiering 2020, Nystrom took the opportunity to recount the good of the past 2019 and what she expects for the present: «I am so proud of my fitness trip in 2019, because I have never felt so good physically and mentally. Without an extreme diet / training, just a healthy lifestyle in general and I have had a fairly “relaxed” mentality when it comes to my training. By that I mean that I have been listening to my body even more, I rested when I needed it and enjoyed my workouts because I love the feeling of being strong. You know what? My 2020 fitness goal is to keep going like this ».

Anna Nystrom dominates the forums
Anna Nystrom has a lot of arrival to different people because of her popularity in the fitness forums, from that space she has great power. Your squats are well valued by all connoisseurs and beginners of fitness, due to the results that can be achieved with your application. We will continue to await your magnificent publications.


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