Anna-Marie Campisi from 90 Day Fiance and Mursel Mistanoglu welcome their first child together through a surrogate mother


Baby beekeeper! On April 11, Anna-Marie Campisi gave birth to her fourth child, the first from her husband Mursel Mistanoglu, from a surrogate mother.

“Mursel and I are happy to announce the birth of our son! Gokhan John He was born on 11.04.22, five weeks ahead of time. He does amazing!” 41-year-old Campisi wrote on Instagram on Monday, April 25: “Just a little guy weighing 5.3 pounds 18 inches. Our surrogate is also doing well! I managed to get to know her, and she is such a wonderful woman!”

Then she wrote about meeting her son in Ukraine with the help of the Dynamo project, noting: “Upon arrival in Poland, we talked to the group to start the logistics of our trip to Ukraine. They asked to see Mursel’s Schengen visa to find out if it was a single-entry or multiple-entry visa. We found out that this is a single-entry visa. From here it was planned that Mursel would remain in Poland. If he had come to Ukraine, he would not have been released. So I had to go to Ukraine alone. Thank God for this wonderful Dynamo Project group! I didn’t have to go alone. They planned logistics, including a trip to Ukraine, a safe place to stay in Ukraine and a trip inside the country. They were with me all the time.”

Graduates of the 90 Day Fiancé program announced in January that, thanks to the help of a gestational carrier, they will soon have a baby.

“Mursel and I are very happy to announce that we are expecting a little boy in May this year,” the Nebraska native told her Instagram followers at the time. “We are 22 weeks old now! #Future Beekeeper”. The hashtag matched the yellow jumpsuit shown in the social media upload, along with a sonogram shot.

At that time, the duo’s colleagues from TLC expressed their support in the comments, from Annie Suwan to Annie Francisco.

The former reality TV star is already the mother of Joey’s sons, Gino and Leo, whom she welcomed in a previous relationship. While Campisi keeps her older children mostly away from social media, she still celebrated Valentine’s Day with them in February.

“It was also my birthday and I had to spend it with my wonderful husband and young people!” Campisi signed an Instagram selfie with Mistanoglu at the time. “Joey even treated me to dinner and bought me orchards, which was a surprise! Joey and Gino are not depicted because of their desire. We hope you had a wonderful day!”

Campizi married a native of Turkey in September 2019 in season 7 of the TLC show. Since then, the couple has loudly announced their plans to expand the family, despite Campisi’s inability to carry a child.

“I feel so emotional right now! Today, three of our embryos are being taken to Ukraine, and today we are signing our surrogacy,” Campisi wrote on Instagram in July 2021. “Keep us in your prayers.”

She gave her Instagram followers an update on the safety of their gestational carrier in February after Russia invaded the country.

“Our hearts are with those in Ukraine. Pray for peace!” Campisi wrote at the time. “We’ve been following everything since last night. Our surrogate mother had to leave her home with her family in a safer area. We are just sick of the fact that everyone’s life in Ukraine has turned upside down.”

When one of Campisi’s subscribers asked how the surrogate mother was doing, she replied: “At the moment, our surrogate mother and the baby are fine.”