Anna Heizer honestly: She doesn’t like being pregnant!


Anna Heizer (32 years old) shares honest words with her community. A former farmer is looking for a female candidate, and her husband Gerald will soon be joined by another family member: the couple is expecting another child together and is very much looking forward to their offspring. Despite the expectation of her child, an emigrant does not necessarily experience pregnancy itself as a positive time — on the contrary: Anna does not like being pregnant.

“Even if the result of pregnancy is something beautiful, being pregnant is definitely not one of my hobbies,” she honestly explained on Instagram, adding: “Pregnancy is not only perfectly round tummies in beautiful photos with a tummy, but also ugly sides.” These include nausea and vomiting, hair loss, acne, varicose veins, stretch marks, flabby skin, sleepless nights and swollen legs.

The list of complaints and inconveniences of pregnancy is long. Nevertheless, Anna is happy to accept all this for her unborn child: “Even if pregnancy does not always go easily, I am very grateful that I can experience all this.”


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