Anna Heche’s Son Atlas Tupper Breaks Silence on His Mother’s Death


The public was shocked this summer when actress Anne Heche tragically died after a car accident and several days in the hospital. Since then, fans and partners in the film remembered her talents, as the issue of her inheritance was decided in court. Heche is survived by two children: Homer Lafoon and Atlas Tupper. The last son is 13 years old, and recently he broke his silence about the death of his mother.

Anne Heche died on August 12 due to smoke poisoning and injuries sustained in a car accident. Given the surprising nature of this incident, she did not have a prepared will at the time of her death. Thus, the family has since hit the headlines due to litigation over her estate, as well as custody of Atlas Tupper. Although it seems that this has been resolved at the moment, both Atlas and his father James Tupper recently took part in a tribute to the memory of the Los Angeles Inquisitor to the late actress. In this story, Atlas is quoted saying:

My mom was the smartest person I’ve ever known. She always knew how to solve a problem or help a friend. She always knew how to do the right thing. I can’t put into words how grateful I am or how much I miss her.

Pretty powerful stuff. Atlas’s words further emphasize the tragedy of Anne Heche’s unexpected death. And since enthusiastic words about her character are published by those who knew the late actress, this makes the nature of her death even more painful. Let’s hope that Heche’s loved ones will be able to walk the path of healing, despite this new trauma.

Considering how quiet Atlas Tapper has been since Anne Heche’s death, these comments are sure to go viral quickly. It helps to paint a picture of their relationship and shows very real people who were affected by this celebrity death. Former Hech James Tupper (aka Atlas’ father and her co-star in the movie “People in the Trees”) also wrote his own statement about her for the tribute, which reads:

Ann and I have been together for more than ten years, we have a beautiful son, and at that time he was the embodiment of light in our lives, always bringing fun, love and energy. She will forever remain in our hearts and memory.

Another fitting tribute to Anne Heche, coming from a man who knew her very well. This story of an inquisitor from Los Angeles glorifies her as a person and an artist. Indeed, countless people have tried to get to know her better since her death, resulting in her 2001 book Call Me Crazy being sold online. The second book was released posthumously and was simply called “Call Me Ann”. The sophomore’s memoirs include many explosive details, including the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, as well as her post-revelation experience/her public relationship with Ellen Degeneres.

As for the litigation surrounding her property, Anne Heche’s eldest son Homer Laffoon recently received good news and gained access to her belongings. But the judge made reservations, so that sometime in the future the situation may change. Despite this, those she left behind really miss her, especially her two sons.

Anne Heche still has several posthumous projects that were filmed before her death in the summer. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2023 to plan your next movie.


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