Ann Heche’s ex-husband and son pay emotional tribute after the actress was officially declared dead


The Hollywood community and the public at large are mourning the star again after the death of Anne Heche at the age of 53. She is best known for her work in films such as “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “Six Days, Seven Nights”. two car accidents more than a week ago and died due to her injuries. Since then, many celebrities have taken to social media to write messages in honor of their favorite star. Now that the actress has been officially declared dead, her son and ex-husband have paid emotional tribute to her.

Coleman “Cowley” Lafoon, who was married to Ann Heche from 2001 to 2009, posted a video on Instagram in which he spoke about her death. Lafoon said he “loved” Heche and would “always” miss her. He also took the time to thank people for checking out both him and Heche’s son, Homer.

In the video, Kohli Lafun also spoke about Homer, saying that although the young man is “grieving,” he is “strong,” “surrounded by family” and “he will be fine.” On this occasion, the 20-year-old man later published his own statement (via CNN). In it, he reflected on his feelings of loss, and also beautifully immortalized the memory of his mother.:

My brother Atlas and I lost our mother. After six days of almost incredible emotional swings, I was left with a deep, unspeakable sadness. I hope my mom has freed herself from the pain and is starting to explore what I like to imagine as her eternal freedom.

On August 5, the Emmy Award-winning actress was involved in two car crashes in the Mar Vista neighborhood of West Los Angeles. The first incident occurred around 12 p.m. PT that day saw the actress’s blue Mini Cooper crash into the garage of an apartment complex. According to reports, Heche subsequently drove off and sped off. Later, she crashed her car into another house, resulting in a fire that engulfed both the house and her car.

A few days later, representatives of Ann Heche told about her condition. It turned out that she had suffered a “significant pulmonary injury” and “burns requiring surgical intervention.” She was also reported to be in a coma, and by the end of last week it was said that Heche “wasn’t expected to survive.” In addition, Heche’s toxicology report showed that there was cocaine in her system, as well as fentanyl. But it’s unclear if the latter was given to her as a painkiller by hospital staff or if it was in her system before the initial accident.

The Vulcan actress received a number of good wishes immediately after the crash. When Ellen DeGeneres’ ex-girlfriend broke her silence on the matter, she sent her well wishes. The former talk show host spoke out again after the death of her ex and sent love to the actress’ loved ones. Ann Heche’s ex, James Tupper, also shared a love post after two car crashes. Later, he once again paid tribute to his former partner after learning about her death.

The late star was certainly loved by those who were privileged enough to know her. Her loss is certainly difficult to understand, but in the midst of the tragedy, it’s nice to see so many people come together to remember her and support Kolya Laffun and the sons of Homer and Atlas.

We here at CinemaBlend continue to extend our condolences to Ann Heche’s family and loved ones at this difficult time.


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