Ann Heche will receive an honorable walk as organs are donated and life support is turned off


On Sunday, August 14, Ann Heche will be disconnected from life support and will receive an award for organ donation, reports Us Weekly.

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The late actress has been on life support to keep her heart beating since Friday, August 12, when she was officially declared dead at the age of 53 due to lack of brain activity. However, her body remained on life support while her organs were evaluated for donation.

Heche’s life support system will be turned off, as organs will be taken for donation on Sunday, August 12, the star’s representative Donnie Brasco confirms, and Heche’s tribute will be paid at a ceremony called “Walk of Honor”.

Immediately before the organs are purchased for donation, the hospital staff will calmly line up along the path from the donor’s hospital room to the operating room, paying tribute to the donor for making a life-changing gift to others. Medical institutions usually ask for family consent before taking a Walk of Honor, and next of kin often accompany their lost loved one on the way to the operating room.

Heche died in a car accident on Friday, August 5, having received severe burns and a head injury.

On August 5, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to us that the driver, whose name they did not initially name, was allegedly speeding while driving east on Preston Way in Los Angeles. A blue Mini Cooper left the road, passing the intersection of Preston and Walgrove, and collided with a two-story house.

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The car was engulfed in flames, and Heche suffered serious burns. However, the Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed that the star of “Six Days and Seven Nights” was conscious and able to answer questions before going to the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital after the fire, which took more than an hour 59 firefighters to extinguish.

A day after the incident, her representative informed us that the actress “is currently in a stable condition,” but by Monday, August 8, the Dancing with the Stars graduate had fallen into a coma. “She is currently in an extremely critical condition, she has serious lung damage requiring mechanical ventilation and burns requiring surgical intervention,” a representative of Us said in a statement. “She is in a coma and did not regain consciousness shortly after the accident.”

A few days later, doctors confirmed that Heche’s death was inevitable. “We want to thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers for Anna’s recovery, and also thank the dedicated staff and wonderful nurses who cared for Ann at the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital,” a representative told us in a statement issued on her behalf. Family and friends on Thursday, August 11. “Unfortunately, due to the accident, Ann Heche suffered a severe anoxic brain injury and remains in a coma in critical condition. She is not expected to survive.”

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Heche was being monitored to “determine” whether her organs were suitable for donation, which “has been her choice for a long time,” the representative said. “Anna had a huge heart, and she touched everyone she met with her generous spirit. She considered her whole life’s work not only her extraordinary talent, but also the spread of kindness and joy, especially the promotion of the needle for accepting the one you love. She will be remembered for her courageous honesty, and we will miss her light very much.”

The Ohio native officially died on Friday, a week after the accident. “Ann is legally dead under California law,” a Heche representative told us at the time. “Her heart is still beating and she hasn’t been disconnected from life support. This is done so that the OneLegacy Foundation has enough time to find suitable recipients [organ donors].”

Heche is survived by son Homer, 20, whom she shared with Coleman Laffoon, and son Atlas, 13, whom she shared with James Tucker.


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