Ann Heche is hospitalized after several car accidents and a fire


Actress Anne Heche, who starred in films such as “Six Days, Seven Nights” with Harrison Ford, played roles on television in shows such as “Chicago Police.” and voiced the “Legend of Korra” among other animated projects, got into a car accident, which can only be described as “strange”. Because of this, she was hospitalized and is in a condition that largely prevents doctors from finding out what happened.

The accident occurred around noon on Friday in Southern California in the Mar Vista area of west Los Angeles. According to TMZ, Heche was driving down the road when she crashed her blue Mini Cooper into the garage of an apartment building. Then Heche reportedly broke away and sped off, and after a while crashed into a residential building for the second time. The second accident caused a fire that engulfed both the car and the house.

Ann Heche was carried away from the scene of the accident on a stretcher, and she reportedly burned in the fire, although the extent of the burns is unclear, in addition, her injuries are not considered life-threatening. She is apparently intubated in the hospital, although the burns apparently do not allow doctors to conduct many tests of the actress.

The most important question that obviously comes to mind is whether Ann Heche was driving under the influence of alcohol. This has not been confirmed, but due to the actress’ current condition, doctors are apparently unable to perform the test. This is one of the possible theories that is consistent with what we know, but at the moment these are assumptions.

Anne Heche has almost 100 acting roles to her credit, although she may still be best known as the woman who dated Ellen DeGeneres when Ellen first declared herself a lesbian. A lot of attention was paid to the fact that Heche was a lesbian, especially when she co-starred with Harrison Ford in the romantic comedy “Six Days, Seven Nights”. There was a moment when the filmmakers apparently thought about removing Heche from the film, but the actress believes that Ford saved her work on the film. In 2013, Anne Heche starred in the NBC comedy “Save Me”, but it was closed after seven episodes.

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