Ann Heche and son explain the reason for their final resting place


The public is still reeling from the shocking death of actress Anne Heche. It’s been weeks since her car accident happened, as a result of which the talent ended up in the hospital and eventually led to her death. Despite strong emotions (and various accusations), Heche’s son Homer Lafoon recently explained the reason for her final resting place.

Ann Heche was the mother of two boys she had with her ex-husband Coleman Laffoon. Although they divorced back in 2009, they still have sons Homer and Atlas. And although the late actress was cremated on August 18, her burial place will be none other than the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. For E! News Homer spoke about the reasons for the creation of this site in a statement that reads:

My brother Atlas and I would like to thank Tyler, Noelle, and all the wonderful people at Hollywood Forever for their kindness, compassion, and spiritual generosity. We are convinced that our mother will like the site we have chosen for her. It’s beautiful, serene, and she’ll be among her Hollywood peers.

How touching. Anne Heche’s talents have been celebrated by fans since her death thanks to the fact that some of her most iconic roles have been available for streaming. And it looks like her last resting place will be where Heche will be among colleagues from the industry. It seems like a fitting way to honor the memory of the late actress, whose death was such a sobering shock to everyone.

In addition to being the right place to honor Ann Heche and her work in the entertainment industry, Homer Lafoon also revealed another sweet reason why he is happy that his late mother found a resting place at Hollywood Forever Cemetery: because events are held there. As he put it,

Most importantly, Hollywood Forever is a lively place where people go to the movies, concerts and other events. She was our Mom, but the kindness and outpouring of the last few days reminded us that she also belongs to her fans, the entertainment community, and now the ages.

Tell us about the powerful message. Although the death of Anne Heche is indeed a tragedy, it is nice to know that her death was so honored. Especially because her two sons seem so excited about where Heche’s remains were eventually placed. Hopefully it gives a sense of closure in this otherwise unimaginable situation.

Many people have spoken out since Ann Heche’s death on August 12, and copies of her biography are selling for hundreds of dollars. While some people hoped that she would recover from the injuries she received in the car crash, in the end this is not the case. And those who knew the late actress want her memory to be preserved and honored. Fortunately, that’s exactly what happens at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.


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