Ann Heche and organs will be donated after the actress was &peacefully&taken off Life support


Now it is reported that actress Anne Heche, after spending a week in a coma after a series of devastating car crashes, was disconnected from life support and, according to her representatives, “peacefully” died in her sleep. The Vulcan star was 53 years old.

Anne Heche has been playing professionally since 1987, when she got the role of Vicki Carson in the soap opera Another World. Over the years, she has mixed high-profile television work such as Murphy Brown, Ally McBeal and Everwood with film roles that have expanded her fame. She is probably best known for her role with Harrison Ford in the romantic comedy “Six Days, Seven Nights” or with Tommy Lee Jones in the disaster film “Volcano”. Although more recently she voiced the popular “Legend of Korra” and earned a new wide fan base.

Heche has been covering the news daily since she crashed her car twice in Los Angeles. For the first time, Heche drove into the garage of an apartment building. For the second and last time, Heche flew off the road at high speed and landed in someone’s house. She was rushed to the hospital and remained in critical condition, although authorities were unable to properly conduct a toxicological analysis of the actress due to her critical condition.

Eventually, the reports were accepted and the results were published. Cocaine was found in the actress’ blood, as was fentanyl, but it is unclear whether the latter was given to her in the hospital as a painkiller. Photos taken at the scene of the first accident, from which Heche left, suggest that there could have been a bottle of vodka in the cup holder of the car, although nothing has been confirmed since.

Support for Anne Heche spread on social media in the first days after her accident. Her ex-ex-husband Coleman “Cowley” Lafoon shared a touching video greeting Heche and talked about their son Homer. Another actor James Tupper, who was in a relationship with Heche from 2007 to 2018, also posted a love message to the actress and showed her a photo with their teenage son Atlas Heche Tuppwer. Of course, Heche was involved with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres because of a highly publicized relationship that lasted several years, but when the paparazzi caught DeGeneres, she only said that they were no longer in touch.

Since Ann Heche has been disconnected from life support, people are now reporting that an organ recipient has been picked up, which is one of the reasons why the decision was made to exclude the actress from life support. We hope that her family and friends will find peace and comfort in the coming days, which will surely be difficult after the loss.


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