Anitta Is The First Brazilian To Reach The Top 1 Of Spotify Global


Spotify: It’s hers! After a lot of fan campaign, Anitta reached the top of Spotify Global with Envolver, a solo song by the singer. The Spanish-language hit was the most listened to song in the last 24 hours on the platform, with 6.3 million plays.

With the milestone, Anitta is now the first Latin singer to reach Spotify’s Top 1 Global, surpassing names like Karol G and Kali Uchis, who reached the second position. It is also worth mentioning that the song does not have special appearances, which usually makes it even more difficult to reach the top.

On Instagram, Anitta said that the song was almost not released. “They said the song wasn’t going anywhere and that I wouldn’t have the strength to release it alone,” she revealed in her Instagram stories.

Envolver was written by the singer, in partnership with Julio M. Gonzales Tavarez, Freddy Montalvo and José Carlos Cruz. Watch the clip:


Released in November last year, the song hit the public’s lips only earlier this month, when the “El Paso de Anitta” challenge hit TikTok. With the sudden success of the hit, the singer’s fans launched a huge campaign to take the song to the top spot.

Personalities such as Casimiro, Juliette, Angélica, Maisa, Larissa Manoela and Giovanna Ewbank also revealed their support for the milestone, helping to move the hit on social media. This Friday morning (25), the name of the singer Anitta was the most commented subject on Twitter, with more than 700 thousand publications on the subject.