Anime releases could be delayed until 2021 by COVID-19


Some new series will be broadcast until the following year due to the situation Japan is experiencing due to the pandemic.

Recently, Japan has put its population under strict control measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this occurred when that nation declared a State of Emergency that brought with it the closure of some companies and one of the areas that could be affected is the anime industry.

Due to the conditions established by the government, some anime productions that were scheduled to premiere during the month of July have been stopped, so they will not be able to materialize in time and be released under the planning that had been carried out.

Some of these projects had already been delayed, but their premiere would be maintained for the months of April or July, however, given the situation in Japan, closing the companies causes more inconvenience.

The delay of these productions leaves the animation studios uncertain of when the release of the works they had pending could take place , since, although there is the hope that they could be completed by the end of the year, it is also probable that they could be completed until the end of the year. first quarter of 2021.

For that reason, Japanese television will show the absence of some productions as time begins to advance, but we know that fans of these types of productions will be watching to receive with emotion the anime that will eventually return to the screen.

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