Anime figure company sued for selling sexualized characters


There’s a lawsuit war at Good Smile Company
Surely you already know the figures of anime or video games Nendoroid or Figma that can be obtained through online sites or in retail stores in the city where you live. The company that has to do with these specific items is called Good Smile Company and they are currently experiencing problems.


What kind? Well, some that involve lawyers and litigation that can last a long time. It all started when anime figure maker Good Smile Company sued former employees Guy Brand and James Young-sik Kim for “a blatant case of corporate misconduct.”

Later, these two subjects countersued Good Smile Company for a series of controversial issues such as the sexualization of minors in anime and investing in Internet sites that have a very bad reputation for racist behavior on the part of the owners and users.

Brand and Kim allege that Good Smile Company profits from the website 4chan and that even this portal has a place in the offices of this company of anime figures in Tokyo, Japan.

On the side of the collectible toy manufacturer we have Guy Brand and James Young-sik Kim sued for stealing information for profit by a secret company and, for that same reason, these people were fired.

Good Smile Company and the sale of sexualized anime figures

Brand and Kim filed their counterclaim, which claims that Good Smile sells “sexualized anime figures depicting minors,” including “teens and tweens in sexual positions,” with no age restrictions for buyers.

Both Brand and Kim spoke at the time with the leaders of Good Smile Company as they were concerned about how some licensees such as Nintendo, Hasbro or Disney, would move away from them after seeing their figures next to sexualized anime characters in suggestive poses.

It is worth noting that the situation is just beginning and that Good Smile Company will continue to operate and manufacture anime figures. Already after the case is taken to court, we will really see what happens, as there is only the concise information around the lawsuits and nothing else.


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