Anime Expo: KIDS premieres the films Goodbye, Don-Grases and Summerhost


During the four days of the largest anime convention, new adaptations, series news and general announcements of franchises attract huge attention. While the most popular anime franchises have earned their place, it’s worth taking a look at the new original projects that are making a splash in the anime industry. To help with this, independent animation distributor GKIDS arrived at Anime Expo to showcase two new feature films.

Two films, Goodbye, Don Glees and Summer Ghost, eventually became two interesting companion works that explore the transience of adolescence and the bonds of friendship beyond time and space. Seeing the interconnectedness and atmosphere of these films with exclusive premieres in North America, the intensity and hype at Anime Expo was filled with a brief, transcendent respite from the hustle and bustle of the crowd.

Goodbye, Don-Gleese: a film about the nostalgic magic of adolescence

The premiere will take place on Friday, July 1, at the Royal Theater in downtown Los Angeles. “Goodbye, Don-Gleese” is a coming—of-age drama directed by Atsuko Ishizuki. The plot of the film, which tells about three teenage losers, embodies the essence of small-town life in all aspects of warm summer adventures. The action of the film takes place against the background of how “Don-Glis” (“acorns”) go to the forest in an attempt to protect themselves from accusations of inciting a forest fire. a broader character environment in favor of calm, intimate character studies and interactions.

The film uses a mixture of 2D animation, and sometimes a little noticeable computer-generated vehicle movement and movement. The visual power of the Madhouse-produced film is most evident in the lush wooden backdrop and restrained character studies. GKIDS plans to release the film “Goodbye, Don Gleese” in theaters later in 2022. For more information about the film, visit its page on the GKIDS website.

Summer Ghost: a film about relationships stronger than death

At the premiere on Sunday, July 3, at the main Los Angeles Convention Center, the “short film” “Summer Ghost” charmed a large audience. Based on the famous, heavily stylized illustrated Lowndrow, Summer Ghost is a supernatural drama dedicated to a teenager who feels obligated to reveal—literally—the secrets of a local urban legend. When the “summer ghost” begins to talk to him about the tragedy of his life and death, the protagonist Toyoma goes on a quest that will eventually free her soul and allow him to take a fresh look at life.

Drawing inspiration from one of Lowdrow’s own illustrations, Summer Ghost combines the sensuality of modern anime with examples of expressionist style with thick outlines, which complements the psychological drama of the plot. Only about forty minutes long, the film’s strength lies in the brevity with which it reveals its character’s anxieties, ultimately offering a poignant message of resilience and companionship. Summer Ghost is being prepared for a limited run in cinemas, as well as for digital distribution in 2022; learn more about this on the GKIDS website.

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