An animated trailer for the history of the BTS universe and its new mobile game has been released.

In the 10-minute video, the new BTS story developed interestingly between real life and animations. The trailer offers a view of each member’s unique stories and gives a small preview of how they all connect.

Jin is the key that can save members. His animated version meets a white cat who tells him to find a soul map if he wants to save RM. However, the cat also warns that consequences will come.

Fans can also see the animated versions of the other members and the story intertwines with their previous MVs such as “Run” and “I Need U”.

You can see the BTS animated trailer below!

Netmarble, the creator of BTS Universe Story, shared that the game will contain a “story creation” mode that allows anyone to create stories using the in-game production tools, a “play history” mode that allows users choose your own development and end, as well as a “collection” mode that allows you to collect clothes and accessories to personalize the characters.

The BTS Universe Story game will be released on September 24, 2020.

Currently, BTS are promoting their new single in English, “Dynamite“, on various television programs in the United States.


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