Animated series to watch on Star+ in addition to The Simpsons


Star Plus, Disney’s new streaming platform, is packed with exciting content. Due to the Fox purchase, among them are some animations in the same footprint as The Simpsons. That is, animated content designed for adults and with a sour mood for you to laugh until you tire.

The Simpsons doesn’t need any introductions, as it is one of the most famous series of all time. Known for irreverent humor, the series created by Matt Groening is in its 33rd season. During its 32 years of existence, animation has always been in evidence, being awarded with 31 Emmys.

Leaving our dear Simpsons aside, check out some other adult animation options that are available on .

The Great North

Fox’s latest animation debuts today in the Star Plus catalog. She has everything a good adult animation needs: irreverent humor and a lot of confusion. The series follows the adventures of the Tobin family, who live in Alaska and are led by single father Beef, who tries to do everything to keep his children close.


Futurama is an animation that also started at 20th Century Fox studios, but, already consolidated, ended up at Comedy Central. It bears the seal of genius from creator Matt Groening, responsible for creating The Simpsons.

In 1999, pizza delivery boy Fry ends up frozen and is awakened a thousand years later, having to deal with a completely different world, full of aliens and menacing robots. He goes through countless hilarious adventures alongside Leela, a tough alien, and Bender, a robot with human addictions and a passion for stealing.


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