Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 6 Review


This review contains spoilers for season 6 of Animal Kingdom. In the latest episode of TNT’s Animal Kingdom, the Cody boys pull off a long-awaited jewel heist, and everything goes almost perfectly. The tension between Deran (Jake Weary) and Craig (Ben Robson) leads to a sad result, while Jay (Finn Cole) continues to help the family move towards legalizing their business. A look into the past of the Cody family continues to illustrate what could have happened between Smurf and Julia, answering some of the biggest questions that have surrounded the TNT crime thriller since the first season.

The latest episode of Animal Kingdom, Diamonds Are Forever, tells about the innovative robberies of the Cody family and their new system of operations. As always, each of the boys has their own role to successfully commit a robbery, and despite the problems between the brothers, everything is almost perfect. However, “Diamonds Are Forever” also suggests that the problems with Codys have just begun. As Smurf instilled in them from a young age, family is the only people they can trust. If there’s one thing that will make Cody put aside his problems, it’s problems.

The jewel heist gives the sixth season of Animal Kingdom a boost to action that has been virtually nonexistent so far. Previous seasons of Animal Kingdom revolved around one or two major robberies, and this season may be the last. With five previous episodes of planning, this heist demonstrates the skills that Smurf instilled in each of the boys, and how they continued to adapt their skills after her death. Jay and Deran laid the groundwork, and Pope (Sean Hatosy) took over most of the rough work. Craig’s largely adaptable and often unpleasant nature helped in his job search. Unfortunately, the boys cannot safely return the item with a high price, which Craig considers a failure on Deran’s part. Deran’s unwillingness to sacrifice the integrity of the work in order to exchange the last piece of jewelry is his growth, as his persistence has almost led to them being caught several times in the past.

The tension between Deran and Craig is one of the central components of Diamonds Forever. Before work, the two feud with each other over pulling their weight, and instead of celebrating the impressive catch made by the boys, Craig punishes a plan in which Deran substituted only diamond-studded jewelry with fakes, claiming that another body would have given them everything. Craig and Deran get into a fight before the episode ends, but it’s not the first time. In the flashback, the teenage Baz notes that it was difficult for him to put Deran and Craig to bed because they were too busy fighting each other. The question Deran asked Jay a few weeks ago about whether one brother would easily betray the other continues to resound throughout the series, where each of them may face a difficult choice.

In “Diamonds are Forever” there are several references to the early seasons of “Animal Kingdom”. Taylor, who informed the detective investigating Catherine’s death about Pope, expresses concern about his role after learning who Pope and his family are. Taylor’s gratitude for everything Pope has done for him, despite his far from saintly reputation, could lead to a potential finale to this plot, as confusing as the first season of Animal Kingdom. J was then asked to report his newfound family, but eventually he contacted the police. Although Taylor is not a blood member of the Cody family, if he shows any loyalty to Pope, he may become the last person Pope will have a permanent weakness for. Now that Taylor has dropped out of sight and the careless evidence left by the detective, Pope will begin to demonstrate his skeptical and equally disturbing behavior in the following episodes.

Another facet of “Diamonds are Forever” is the memories that are becoming more and more significant in the last season of “Animal Kingdom”. The pace of these memories has been timely so far, and “Diamonds are Forever” sheds light on Baz and Julia’s relationship, as well as the split that their teenage romance with Smurf is beginning to cause. The strange attack of jealousy that Smurf harbors for his teenage daughter has already manifested itself, and now that Baz and Julia’s romantic relationship has begun to interfere with her business, the tension in Cody’s house has just begun. Julia’s imminent pregnancy will not help relieve tension in the house, and if Smurf sets Baz the task of choosing between business and life with Julia, even without the beginning of the “Animal Kingdom”, it is not difficult to imagine what his priorities are. Unfortunately, Pope will be the one who finds himself in the crosshairs of a conspiracy between members of his family.

To say that “Diamonds are Forever” does not give priority to action would be wrong, but this is not what matters in the “Animal Kingdom”.