Animal Crossing Will Get More Free Content Later This Year


Animal Crossing New Horizons became a hit upon its release and is currently one of the most successful games on Nintendo Switch. Even so, the game’s producer has not finished bringing content to it, and promised free news later this year.

The information was released by Twitter. Nintendo highlighted a free update for the game that arrives this Thursday, July 29th. The update will bring fireworks shows and other seasonal items.

Taking advantage of the disclosure, the company highlighted in a second tweet that Animal Crossing New Horizons will receive more free content this year. The company says that “more information will be shared in the future”, but unfortunately it does not mention dates – neither for the arrival of the content, nor for the dissemination about it. Nintendo just thanks the game’s fans for their “support and patience”.

Animal Crossing New Horizons was released on March 20th only on Nintendo Switch. The game has already been released within a hit series, but the popularity of its latest title has reached another level. Part of this fever has been attributed to the game being smooth and relaxing, leading to the stressful times of the pandemic.

Players have used their creativity to create the most varied experiences within the game. You can find everything from Pokémon recreations to political protests.


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