Animal Crossing: new seasonal items for the New Year!


For the New Year, Animal Crossing is launching new seasonal items to enjoy the holidays with their neighbors the way they should!

Animal Crossing lives with the seasons. So since mid-December, the game’s landscapes have been covered with a beautiful white coat. But for the New Year, Nintendo’s game decides to surprise fans with new items.

You know, every season has its share of plans and activities. For the winter period, snow has therefore taken place everywhere. You can catch snowflakes with your net. The goal ? Build the blueprints that the snowmen provide.

Because yes, every day, you can make a snowman. But for this one to give you a plan it has to be perfect. For that, especially well proportioned his body and his head. The body must be bigger than the head of course.

And after celebrating Christmas and the day of gifts, a new event arrives. It is of course the New Year. So for the occasion Animal Crossing is launching new items to buy from the Nook Shopping catalog. Be careful, they won’t stay long.


And these new articles in Animal Crossing are food. To celebrate the New Year with dignity of course. You can therefore buy a sparkling cider with 1000 bells. But also the dish with twelve raisins and the New Year’s noodles.

In short, enough to have enough to eat for this transition to the New Year. And so what to have a little longer fun. In any case, Nintendo has announced that it will be making a new update for Animal Crossing at the end of January. For the moment we do not know the content or the date.

But as usual, the game will evolve. Funny thing: a line of Mario furniture is expected in March. The goal is to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario series.


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