Animal Crossing: New Horizons will allow data transferred


The Nintendo Switch game is updated with Christmas content and many other elements. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is updated on November 19 with various content and new features that are worth knowing for the Nintendo game.

The highlight at the feature level is that data can finally be transferred from one console to another. This will allow moving the resident’s name, appearance and equipment, as well as inventory, home and storage. There will be a separate island-wide transfer function to move your users’ data, as well as the island itself and residents, to another console thanks to a free application in the eShop called Island Transfer.

It is not the only new thing with the free update of the game, which brings with it Christmas, which will fill the islands of the northern hemisphere with white. In addition, there are several elements that can be enjoyed regardless of the hemisphere and that will be available from next Thursday:

Turkey Day: Celebrated on November 26, a top-class chef named Franklin will arrive. He will host a meeting in the square and we must help him collect the necessary ingredients.
Toy Day: Players will see that each time the islands are more festive and will be able to get new decorative objects, with Christmas elements and much more. From December 1 to 25 you can buy toys at Mini Nook, clothes with Christmas motifs and much more. Renato will be in charge of distributing toys: if we help him we will receive one.
Added to all this are other elements such as new recreations and hairstyles, a further expansion of home storage if we speak to Tom Nook (2,400 more slots), visiting random islands in dreams for inspiration from ours, and a collaboration with Animal Crossing Pocket Camp . Surprises are also in preparation to celebrate New Year’s Eve and a new update is expected for the month of January 2021.

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