Animal Crossing New Horizons To Receive Happy Home Paradise, A Paid Expansion


Animal Crossing New Horizons: This new content will be sold separately, but will also be included in the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass.Finally the day has come. Animal Crossing New Horizons has detailed all its news in a Direct dedicated to this Nintendo saga. During the presentation, those from Kyoto have presented the long-awaited Figaro cafeteria, as well as a paid expansion that will be sold separately, at a price of 24.99 euros. The news is that it will also be part of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack. We are talking about Animal Crossing New Horizons: Happy Home Paradise, available from November 5.

In this new content we will travel to an archipelago of islands, a tourist complex designed for all those who want a perfect vacation home. After obtaining the respective reward letter from Tom Nook, we will take the flight to the Paradise Archipelago, an agency specialized in the construction of summer houses. The objective, therefore, will be to make the dreams of the clientele come true.

What does the Happy Home Paradise expansion offer?

As explained in the presentation video, the first step will be to select the island on which we are going to design our clients’ homes. Each of these islands has its own specific characteristics, an aspect that must be taken into account. Then, it is time for the guided tour and the placement of the objects requested by the guests. There will be a whole series of options that will allow us to be creative, both inside and outside the building. Open paths, modify the environment and do whatever it takes to satisfy your customers’ wishes. As if that weren’t enough, other types of buildings can be designed.

If you use Amiibo you can take care of the needs of special clients. According to the press release, you will have the option to “design vacation homes for busy people like Canela or Tendo and Nendo.”

Nintendo Switch Online is a service that allows access to the online functionalities of video games. Plus, the basic subscription adds video games from the NES and SNES, not to mention some exclusive offers. The Expansion Pack was confirmed in the most recent Nintendo Direct, although at this time only one of its main benefits was detailed: the ability to enjoy classic Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive titles. The price of this extension is 39.99 euros (12 months) for your individual plan and 69.99 euros if you opt for the family plan.


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