Animal Crossing New Horizons: Super Mario Bros coming


Animal Crossing is releasing its new update. And this one is for the anniversary of Super Mario Bros. The famous Nintendo game!

Animal Crossing New Horizons knows how to renew itself to continue to attract users. And we must not forget that the game belongs to Nintendo. So this time Super Mario Bros makes an appearance on your islands for his birthday. We tell you more.

A new update will be available for all fans of the game, so they will be surprised to have plenty of new things on their islands. These novelties will be in honor of Super Mario Bros for the 35 years of the favorite plumber of the French.

And some additions will appeal to all French people. For example, you can teleport using the famous green pipe. But not everyone will like it. Because what we can say is that the green pipes are not very aesthetic compared to the islands so neat.

Other decorative elements will make their arrival. All of them will remind you of the famous Nintendo game. But none will remind you of Animal Crossing. A problem for many users who have spent hours building an island that is perfect for them.

We can therefore find the large blocks of the game Mario. But also coins, turtle shells, Thwomps and a chubby mushroom. In short, lots of little characters that automatically make us think of the Nintendo game. But this does not end here.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Super Mario Bros. is coming to the game!


All these items can even be useful to you to create your own circuit of Super Mario Bros in Animal Crossing. Okay, unfortunately in the end you won’t be able to face Browser or drop it into the lava. However, you can lower the black flag.

In addition to these decorative items, you will also be entitled to costumes. The crown of Peach, the overalls of Mario, enough to dress up and imitate the famous Nintendo game. Unfortunately, carnival is over, so you won’t be able to dress up as Mario for the occasion.

All these items will therefore be available in Animal Crossing from March 1. But the update is available on February 25. Enough to play mini games with your friends. Create the most beautiful Mario circuit and invite everyone to come to your island.

In short, Nintendo still knows how to diversify to amuse all users. After an event for Valentine’s Day and another for Carnival, Super Mario arrives on your way. Additionally, a new update should be available for spring.

For now, be sure to check out the Animal Crossing trailer to see what to expect. As usual, the game shows what’s new with a short video that illustrates the update.