Animal Crossing New Horizons is among the best sellers!


According to our colleagues at Voltage, the Switch video game, Animal Crossing New Horizons, would be one of the best-selling video games for Christmas

Christmas is already over… It is now time to put away the tree and all the other decorations. Except for people who want to keep them for a month longer. We know there are many. They want to keep the decorations as long as possible so as not to forget the moment shared with family; gifts received such as Animal Crossing New Horizons; or the latest Thermomix.

Because yes, Christmas is also an opportunity to please the people you love. There is nothing better than buying a games console that everyone is raving about. Or a video game that is popular in the gaming world.

Unfortunately, those who wanted to have a PS5 at the foot of the tree may have been very disappointed. Because the Sony consoles wanted to be very rare during this holiday season. In contrast, Nintendo Switch fans got to have the latest Animal Crossing.

This one, however released during the last confinement, does not seem to have bored his players. Proof of this is with the stats he just posted at the end of 2020.

Because yes, as Voltage notes, Animal Crossing would be one of the best-selling games during this festive period. In fact, 3 Switch games would make the top 5, just that!


It’s no wonder that very few PS5 or Xbox Series games make the rankings. For lack of consoles, no one has pounced on games from Sony or Microsoft. But no one would have imagined that Nintendo dominated the Christmas sales charts so much.

Indeed, as we let you know, Animal Crossing is in second place on the podium just behind Mario Kart 8 and ahead of Fifa 21. Another PS4 game follows with Call Of Duty Cold War and finally Just Dance 2021 which bring up the rear.

This proves that despite the arrival of next-gen consoles, Nintendo is not going to let it go and will continue to fight to sell more games.

It looks like it got off to a good start with Animal Crossing and Mario Kart and could get even more accentuated with the release of the new Zelda in a few months.


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