Animal Crossing New Horizons: How do you build heaven?


Wondering how to build your piece of Heaven in Animal Crossing New Horizons? A book will be released on the subject.

Since the start of the year, Animal Crossing madness has been on the move. New Horizons on Switch has been a hit for months. But how do you go about building your own corner of Paradise and wowing your friends? A new book could answer these questions.

Because yes who says new passion says new books on it. So, a smart kid has just published a book called: 100 tips to know to build your little piece of paradise. Inside, all the tips on the game so much appreciated by the French.

It must be said that in Animal Crossing New Horizons, life is good. This time the game takes place on a desert island. And little by little we will have to build and arrange the space. In addition, each season has its share of surprises. For example, right now it’s winter!

And who says winter says snow but also Christmas. The game therefore organized a real New Year’s Eve where players could give gifts. In short, full of small details that are fun. But for those who have just started the game. We will have to catch up.


So for those who are not too keen on browsing the Internet, this book will help. It includes all the tips to succeed and quickly in Animal Crossing. The price of this book? 8.90 euros, available on Amazon!

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But if not, there are many articles that will help you. It must be said that in Animal Crossing, the goal is above all to take time. But also to collect lots of bells! And for that you have to fish, capture insects or sell turnips.

After that you will be a millionaire and will be able to develop your island as you wish. From there, you will have to let your creativity speak. Because in the game anything is possible with a little imagination!


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