Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gets New (And Important) Update


Animal Crossing: New Horizon has established itself as one of Nintendo’s biggest recent hits, and since launch it has received a number of updates that have made the game even more fun. The next one will be the last free one and will bring the biggest news since the March update.

Called “version 2.0”, it brings a lot of new possibilities to the game, like cooking with your own ingredients, and going to a new area — Brewster coffee. There, you can enjoy a cup of coffee with your friends and use amiibos to call other characters to do it. Another tour you can do is by boat with the Kapp’n character.

It takes players to various islands where they can collect items — and since islands can be in other random seasons, it’s possible to collect things quite different from what’s on the main island. Speaking of “collectable” items, gyroids are back in Animal Crossing: they can now be cultivated in your field.

The Isle of Harv, which already exists, will be expanded, with other characters. As of this update, players will be able to donate bells (the currency of Animal Crossing) to make other merchant stalls appear. There will also be more customization possibilities for purchased items than there is today in the crafting tent.

Finally, if you go to the City Hall area, you can take a stretching class with other classmates using your Joy-Con. Phew, how much!


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