Animal Crossing: New Horizons fire firing in free update


The definitive complement for the summer season comes from the hand of this festival of color, but the patch includes more novelties.

Summer, beach, the sound of the sea, a good dip and a nap in the shade. This stamp may not be repeated in reality, as the coronavirus epidemic has largely limited the movements of citizens, but all those restrictions do not apply to the residents of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, one of the great successes for Nintendo Switch. After launching the summer update Vol. 1, it’s the turn of the second part, which introduces, among other elements, fireworks. At the same time, the backup service is also released, only for Nintendo Switch Online members.

The update, which will arrive for free on July 30, has been seen in a trailer, which you can see on these lines. In a press release, the Japanese company has reported that fireworks will explode in the sky of the island every Sunday in August at 19:00 (Spanish peninsular time). In addition, players will have the opportunity to exchange berries to receive tickets from the tombola, located in the plaza. You can get rewards and get designs to customize fireworks.

The dream comes true: backup service

And what about summer without a nap? Users will have the option of taking a nap in the bed at home. In dreams, they will travel to a mysterious place where Alakama will welcome them, offering visits to other islands in dreams. “It will provide those who share their island with a dream number, which they can exchange with other users to visit each other’s island while they dream,” they explain in the press release. At these times, the changes will not be saved, so you can experience everything you want on the island.

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All Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will be able to activate the island’s backup service, which opens the doors to the island and user’s data being saved on the Internet at certain times. Thus, if the console is stolen or damaged, it will be possible to recover the game. This is not the Nintendo Switch cloud save service; Neither of the function that allows transferring users and saved data between consoles, which will come later.


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