Animal Crossing: Joe Biden campaigns on video games!


Any means are good to campaign in politics … At a time when candidates must stand out, Joe Biden has done very, very hard!

Indeed, the Democrat wanted to invite himself into a well-built community. These are of course the players who have come to escape to Animal Crossing.

It is therefore at stake that we could see many signs on the islands of the various players. A very fun way to find new voters.

So Biden went digital alongside his running mate and possible VP, Kamala Harris. Together, they entered the universe of Animal Crossing.

It is certainly a good way to dust off the good old traditional and boring methods. It remains to be seen if this is enough to convince the players.


Of course, Joe Biden didn’t come to Animal Crossing empty-handed! From now on, it is even possible to place a sign encouraging them to vote for him in front of his steps!

These signs stamped “Team Biden” may eventually lead to his election, who knows! In any case, US players have no more reason not to vote!

Especially since each panel has its QR code, allowing them to be redirected. In any case, he will not go unnoticed among the young players who have come into exile on Animal Crossing.

On the side of his haters, Joe Biden is accused of not going to meet the real world and the Americans. Yet he is not the first to embark on a 2.0 campaign.

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In 2016, Hilary Clinton was invited to Pokémon Go. So all this is not so new …


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