Animal Crossing has been named the best selling property!


To this day, Nintendo is rubbing its hands! In 2020, sales of the game Animal Crossing simply exploded because of the lockdown.

Obviously, the Animal Crossing game still has a bright future ahead! In the past year, all of its derivative products have sold like hot cakes.

To this day who does not know Animal Crossing? If you’re one of the few people who hasn’t played it before, you’ve probably heard of it!

Launched in Japan in 2001, this game has subsequently found great success around the world. It’s simple, it’s just addicting.

For starters, all of the characters that make up Animal Crossing are adorable and very charismatic. Everyone has a very specific role in this colorful universe full of surprises.

You obviously have multiple tasks to do! In addition, you can customize many things in the game as you wish.

In Animal Crossing, there are always events to celebrate. As Valentine’s Day approaches, all gamers are on the lookout.

Recently, Nintendo delighted its fans by teasing an event before the lovers’ party! And yes, they will obviously be entitled to a sublime Carnival.

Suffice to say, that good humor will certainly be there. And of course, Animal Crossing’s most iconic characters will be present at this festival.

Like Raymond, Cléo, Mathéo, Monica, Laura or even Robert. However, keep an eye on Didi, Bibi, Placide and Henri. We never know.


In this time of pandemic, all distractions are welcome. Besides Netflix, many of you have succumbed to the game “Animal Crossing” on Switch!

Be aware that if you want to be guided on your virtual adventure, there are many books out there just waiting to be read on the web. And one of them: “100 tips to know to build your little piece of paradise” might make you happy.

Through its pages, you will learn many tips that you can share with other gamers. We love !

Know that in 2020, “Animal Crossing New Horizons” captivated the crowds. Yes, more than 1 million copies have passed in France.

Outclassing FIFA 21 but also Mario Kart 8. Obviously, the sales spikes exploded for the holiday season.

But that’s not all ! The products derived from the game (DVD, books, comics, etc.) have also been sold at high speed in recent months. And it continues.

According to “GNT” Animal Crossing was the best-selling product in France last year! Good news for Nintendo which never ceases to amaze us with their multiple video games.