Animal Crossing: Every Way Tom Nook Evolved from N64 to Switch


Tom Nook is one of the most iconic characters in the Animal Crossing series, having undergone some key changes since his appearance. He appears in every single issue, and is also one of the most controversial characters — some Animal Crossing players consider Tom Nook to be a greedy capitalist monster, while others consider him to be an altruistic tanuki providing for the cities in which he lives. Regardless of fans’ personal preferences, Tom Nook is an integral part of the long-running simulator series, as he is associated with several important in-game mechanics.

Throughout the Animal Crossing series, Tom Nook undergoes many different changes, ranging from his appearance and behavior to the nature of his career. Despite its evolution, there are several permanent roles that Nook plays in games. He always has something to do with the player’s mortgage and the management of his house, and is always at least peripherally involved in the city’s Animal Crossing store, which can be improved.

It is considered that in the series Animal Crossing had five main storylines, but in fact this is true only for America. The game Doubutsu no Mori — which means “animal forest” in Japanese — was released for the N64 in 2001. led to the release of vanilla N64, which lacked several features. From there, an expanded version called Doubutsu no Mori+ was released for the GameCube a few months later, and the western port of the game included more details than the new Japanese title, due to changes made to facilitate localization. This localized version proved so successful that it was moved back to Japan again with a few additional changes and released under the name Doubutsu no Mori e+.

Tom Nook has gone through subtle changes at every animal crossing port

The original Doubutsu no Mori was pretty minimal in terms of almost all the features that Animal Crossing is known for, including Tom Nuka. It is noteworthy that there was no possibility of adding a second floor and a basement to the player’s house, and updating the store took 1 day instead of 2. He was also the only seller, as there was no Able Sisters store in the game.

In Doubutsu no Mori+ and its Westernized version, Nook plays a much more important role and offers some services and events that are not available in other games. For example, Animal Crossing for Gamecube is the only game in which players can enter so—called passwords using Tom Nook – special codes associated with each individual item in the game that players can use to exchange or as cheat codes for free items — and clothing. was available for purchase in the store. Nook also held a special lottery in which players could win full—fledged games for the NES — a feature from the originals that many would like to return to Animal Crossing – and build a statue of the player after his loan is fully repaid.

Although the Japanese port of the western version of Doubutsu no Mori e+ did not make many changes to Tom Nook, it added two intriguing features that were never seen again: players could enter the store after closing by hitting the door with a shovel or an axe, where Tom Nook appeared in his pajamas and could ask Nook to build exterior decorations. such as windmills, all over the city. Tom Nook’s general behavior in this title is much more authoritative than in later Animal Crossing games, especially when players are forced to work with him to repay a loan at the beginning of the game. He strictly requires wearing a uniform and often punishes the player for the speed of work.

Tom Nook is an introspective role model in Animal Crossing: Wild World

Many changes have been made to the character of Tom Nook in Animal Crossing: Wild World, especially in his backstory. Wild World introduced the concept of “episodes”, which were special, time-limited conversations that players could have with non-player characters and reveal more information about the character. Despite the fact that Nook is still quite professional in the game, in this title he manifests himself much more introspectively, often reflecting on his regrets in business and life in front of the player. Players can also get his picture in this game if they give him a safe – a feature usually reserved for villagers, demonstrating a more personal connection with the player. He also seems to consider himself a role model, offering players business advice and talking about how he mentored Timmy and Tommy.

From a business point of view, the Nook store in Wild World introduces the Tom Nook points system, which players will earn every time they make a purchase. As players accumulated points, they received special decorations for store models and received gradually increasing discounts in the store. This feature has been replaced by giveaways in later Animal Crossing games.